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Alienware Skin Pack for Windows 7

Red/Green and Blue Alienware Skin Pack will allow those who use Windows 7 to transform the interface of their system, then decorated it in a red version of the style of the company Alienware (Alienware - the U.S. subsidiary of Dell, which produces computer hardware, gaming computers, laptops).

All the components that make up this theme, installed completely automatically without your participation after you start the installer (x86 or x64 - depending on the bit of your system). After installation is complete, restart Windows, and will immediately evaluate your original design, "Seven."
Before installing the theme off User Account Control, and close all running programs. After completing installation, you must reboot the system.
For quick and correct installation of Red Alienware Skin Pack must be removed (if they have been previously installed), or other other versions of packages to customize the interface (Skin Packs).

Supported OS:
  • X86 (32Bit) - Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
  • For x64 (64Bit) - Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
  • Support for all system languages

Password RAR: www.filiex.com
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