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Mini Chameleon v1.0.2

App Name: Mini Chameleon
Developer: apofiss
Current Version: 1.0.2
Update: January 16, 2013
Category: Personalization
Platform: Android 2.1 and up
Tested: Samsung GALAXY Ace Plus

Mini Chameleon is animated and interactive chameleon on your home screen!
Mini Chameleon live wallpaper features little chibi chameleon on the branch which gently swings in the wind c: Pet, shake, poke, change and customize on your hearts content! Mini Chameleon is also complimented with various interactive sounds and NEW features like "Dynamic colour change" - with every new Live Wallpaper we keep new inovations coming along side with creative and original arts.

Android 4 users, to enter live wallpaper settings, use Settings shortcut ( little gear icon on top-left corner ) to avoid possible glitch
  • Shake it! – use of accelerometer sensor to make chameleon dizzy! ( fast colour change )
  • Thought Clouds! A graphical representation of thoughts or mood. Thought clouds will show up next to chameleon in different situations, weather he sleeps, wakes up, being happy or not happy at all!
  • WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! We DON'T charge you for extra content!!!
  • Regular updates ( extra content )
  • Various interactions and customizations!
  • SD-card support ( Androis OS 2.2+ )
  • Based on OpenGL ( smooth and effective )
  • Quality content ( original artwork )
  • Support!
Mini Chameleon Live Wallpapaer runs smoothly and doesn't eat your phone's battery! Supports all phone sizes except for tablets.

General Help and Hints:
  • To open your Live Wallpaper: Home Screen>Menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper
  • Sometimes, after an update, it's better to re-install Live Wallpaper
  1. Download dan Install APK File Hingga Proses Selsai.
  2. Jalankan App Lewat Menu Icon.
  3. Have Fun and Good Luck.
Password: www.filiex.com
Download Mini Chameleon v1.0.2 APK
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